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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Halloween Decoration Service / Halloween Lighting Contractors / Lighting By Veterans 469-269-2838 (AVET)

Halloween Decoration Service with LBV

This year, Lighting By Veterans will be offering simple solutions to your Halloween Decorating needs.  Regardless if you're throwing a party, hosting a Haunted House or just trying to make your home look more intimidating for little trick-or-treaters, we're here to help.  LVB has successfully installed over 180 homes last season and is looking to expand our satisfied customer list.   All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call at 469-269-2838 (AVET) or check us out online at

With the growing amount of homes that participate in Holiday Decorations LBV has the infrastructure to keep up with the demand.  This season Lighting By Veterans is introducing an LED Multi-Color solution that can be orange during Halloween and then by remote can change to clear or another color.  This feature could also blink blue and white everytime the Dallas Cowboys score a touchdown however it would be hard to make sure it's working the way that they play sometimes.  Your free consultation is only one phone call away at 469-269-2838 (AVET) or check us out at

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Friday, August 1, 2014


Commercial Christmas Light Professionals

It's normal to wonder how much work actually was involved in a project when you're witnessing it and who would you contract do it?  The simple answer to that question is Lighting By Veterans.  LBV completed over 180 clients homes and/or businesses last year and still projects room for growth during the 2014 / 2015 holiday season.  Let's walk through a commercial project that was completed last year.

The 20' Christmas Wreath that a local hospital ordered was a pretty in-depth challenge with a two week deadline to deliver.  The wreath needed to be constructed with garland and clear LED commercial grade mini lights.  Attached would be a bow that's wrapped with Red Velvet outlined with LED red commercial grade mini lights so you could see it from the highway.  The wreath itself could not weigh more that 1,000 pounds and would need complete padding to protect the building.

While the rush of 40 completed homes a day is going on, LBV contacted every Christmas Light Distributor in the United States to see who could deliver this wreath.  The answer was, NOBODY this year however one company could produce it for $10,000 by next year.  This of course would not include the bow which would cost an extra $2,500.  Lighting By Veterans began to make the plans and start the fabrication necessary to meet the deadline.  If we could pull this off, LBV would be the only company in the world that could deliver this while handling the breathtaking workload.

A 20' circle steel fabrication was complete which broke down into 4 manageable pieces.  The next step was to fabricate the bow in perfect proportion to the wreath.  Meanwhile LBV sent 2 employees to buy every piece of unlit garland that was available in our county and purchased enough red velvet material to cover the bow.  Then we completely padded the wreath frame and installed mounts for our aircraft cable hanging system.

Once the project was ready to be installed, LBV had their 40 ton crane hoist this wreath up 10 stories high.  It was mounted and plugged in so you could see this for miles and miles.  There's really only one company that you should trust with this seasons project, Lighting By Veterans.  Give us a call at 469-269-2838 (AVET) or check us out online at

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If you manage a business that is slow during the Holiday Season or would like to pursue the dream of owning YOUR OWN business than listen up.  Lighting By Veterans is currently franchising out their Christmas Light Installation company into some of the most lucrative markets in the US today.  There's no better time than Christmas time to have the largest amount of Cash Flow of the year.  

Last season LBV installed over 150 homes and / or businesses in the North Texas marketplace.  These stats landed Lighting By Veterans in the top 5 Texas Christmas Light Installation Contractors.  The Northern Virginia / Washington DC Market was successfully tested by LBV producing generous profit margins and return clients for 2014.  Now is the time to take advantage of the fastest growing business in the US.

Here's some information on our plans and pricing:

1.  Purchase a Franchise with our premium SEO setup included for one market.  (3,500 Value) for ONLY $700

2.  Subscribe to LBV SEO plan and be on the first page of Google by November 1st.  (1,800 Value) for ONLY $399 per month

3.  Professional Office Assistance for ONLY 10% of job cost.  Have our staff answer your phone calls and set appointments with recorded phone conversations.  

Call Lighting By Veterans at 469-269-2838 (AVET) or check us out online at  See you at the top!!!