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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Lighting By Veterans Day

Lighting By Veterans is proud to be still in business for our 5th Veterans Day and we want to thank each and every Military Veteran that has served in our armed forces a Happy Veterans Day!  Although Veterans Day is not exactly a happy moment for some as we still mourn and remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, we celebrate the courage it takes to sign up for the task.  LBV has had many struggles and has overcome our fair share of adversity over the years to stay in business but through the ruthless competition we've endured with the help of Christ and your continued support.  For this reason among others, all of us here at Lighting By Veterans would like to thank you for another successful season!

Thanks to our faithful clients and their efforts to support us, we have been able to hire 15 Military Veterans for the 2015 Christmas Light Installation and Removal season.  If you know any Military Veteran that is looking for employment please have them contact us at our office so they may also have a chance to have the best Christmas ever!  Regardless of how big or difficult the storms may be in life, we are confident that we will continue to weather them with your support and our fearless crew of qualified men and women here at LBV.

Lighting By Veterans still has a few appointment available that are at our Pre-Thanksgiving pricing and we are open from Monday thru Saturday from 8am to 8pm.  Ask us about how you can Green Light a Vet in your Holiday Lighting Display this season.  Give us a call at 469-269-2838 (AVET) or check us out at for more information about scheduling or our services.  We are looking forward to adding you and your neighbors to our existing SATISFIED CLIENT list for years to come!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Five and Up Flowers and Lighting By Veterans in 2015

Lighting By Veterans and Five and Up Flowers in 2015

Lighting By Veterans is your local Christmas Light Installation company in the North Texas area.  If you're looking for the best deals of professional lighting installation than all you have to do is give them a call at 469-269-2838 (AVET) or check them out at  Christmas is the time of year that everything gets in a big hurry but you don't need to take the risk of falling off of your roof and messing with those tangled strands of lights from the previous season.  LBV makes your life easy with one simple phone call and has now partnered with the top florist in the area to provide a larger "one stop solution" to your holiday decorations needs.

Five and Up Flowers is now in their second year of business in North Texas and is excited about the 2015 partnership with LBV.  Weddings, Funerals, Anniversaries or just to say that I love you to a special somebody, Five and Up Flowers is there to help you with any of your florist needs.  All you have to do is give them one simple phone call to 972-850-8769 or check them out at  #5nupflowers #bestmckinney #LBVets #Yesvemeber

Monday, November 2, 2015

Lighting By Veterans Customer Agreement Policy

Lighting By Veterans Customer Agreement


-Our installation appointments are scheduled in weekly windows and we do not guarantee exact days of install.  (ex. 1st week of November or 2nd week of November)

- LBV charges by the bulb for C7 or C9 lighting, by the box (100ct or 75ct LED) for mini lights.

- Additional extension cords, timers and/or electrical circuits may be required to operate your lighting display which may not be included in your estimate.  These items will be added to your final invoice at the completion of your installation

- LBV requires that all customers have a credit card or debit card on file with a minimum of 50% (for existing) or 75% (for new) deposit before scheduling

- Your LBV installation team will set the timers to come on and off at your preferred selection (see warranty)

- Existing lighting customer should expect an additional charge for any replacement bulbs, clips or any other maintenance for decorations.


- LBV will remove all decorations that were installed by us within the first 15 business days of the new year.  (weather permitting)

- LBV is not responsible for broken or damaged clips or bulbs during the removal process.

- Our effort is to place your decorations in a customer provided storage container located in the front of the home.  If no container is available, your decorations will be placed on your front porch.

- Although your requests are taken into consideration, due to the HIGH VOLUME of removals that need to by completed in a short amount of time, LBV has to stick to a company provided schedule.  If you would like to wait to have your decorations removed when we're ready, LBV can no longer guarantee the 15 business day window.


- LBV offers a 24 hour response to trouble calls (weather permitting) for all new lighting displays purchased through us.

- For trouble calls that are found to be unrelated to the newly purchased lighting equipment or our installation service, there will be a $50 service call added to your account.

- Warranty may be voided on lighting if it's connected to a customer provided extension cord, timer or additional lighting not purchased through LBV.  (example indoor timer or extension cords on the outside of the home or additional lighting installed after our crews have left that overloads circuit breakers)

- LBV offers a complete (Stay Lit Warranty) on all decorations that were purchased and installed new until the next January 1st.

Credit Card Authorization

- This agreement authorizes LBV to charge your provided debit or credit card for the initial deposit for your decorations.

- Understanding that the estimate that you received is only an estimate, the final total will be calculated and due at the completion of your install.  Unless other payment options or methods are preferred, LBV will charge the final balance to the card that's on file.

- There will be a 3% processing fee for all credit or debit card transactions.

- LBV does not keep or save any personal payment information after the holiday season is over.

- Customer are to make checks payable to Lighting By Veterans or will need to set up payment terms directly through our office.